Tours – List of upcoming tours or events

April 14th – Garage tour was well attended.
April 29th – Spring Thaw Show and Shine Calgary and Rendezvous Days in Eureka
May 26th – Safety Check will be held at Braeside Automotive
June 2nd -  President's Tour to Turner Valley. Tom asked if we can start from Les and Karin’s. It will be about a 35km drive on back roads. Wheels will be washed if possible. 10 – 12 interested in attending. Some members may be looking for a ride share for the June tour or for the fall tour. 
Aspen Crossing is another tour alternative. If there are 24 or more attending there is a 20% discount. Price would be $106.00 per person and would include lunch.
Heritage Park does not have a limit on the number of cars for Dominion Day. Tom C will let Art Bent know at the next meeting if he will be able to attend.  
July 25 – 28, 2018 North Country Waterways Oldies Tour – brass era to 1940’s cars. Progressive tour, no trouble truck and optional stop at Bruderheim Model T Races.  5 – 6 cars maybe interested.
Rod Wallace has also suggested a tour of the YahaTinda Ranch, sometime before September. Maybe a spring tour take modern cars and have a picnic. 


submitted by Kristen Anderson 

Eureka Rendezvous Days

Eureka Rendezvous Days Model T Fun and a lot more

April 27-28-29—Lots of Events and downtown bed races

Rocky Mountain Model T Club Annual Meeting

Friday Night Supper Tour led by Abe VanBemmel; Gather at Four Corners Casino junction of Highways 93 and 37 ready to go at 4 pm.

We are located 8 miles south of the Roosville Port Of Entry on Highway 93 between southwest British Columbia and Northwest Montana.  From Calgary, travel over Crowsnest Pass to Fernie, turn south on Highway 93 junction at Elko, BC.  We are about four hours from Calgary.  

Saturday morning breakfast at Senior Citizens Building.  Turn downhill at Montana Market on Main Street.  Start lining up for 12 noon parade by 9:30 to 10 am at Middle School on Sixth Street.  Park together on east side of Historical Village.

Enjoy food, vendors, entertainment.  By 3 or 3:30 pm get ready for Abe’s Tour about the countryside. 

Saturday night, by 5:30, Abe’s Tour arrives at Cuffe’s Home for Annual Spaghetti Feed.  Tell stories, sing songs, overhaul your T.

Sunday morning 9:30 or 10, at Fairgrounds on Osloski Road:  Old Car Workshop and Annual Rocky Mountain Club meeting.  Bring your project or demonstration and tour ideas.  Look at Quilt Show and Flea Market.  Say goodbye, laugh and wave and toot horn as you drive away, or take us to supper.  Promise to come again!

Camper and tent spots available at Cuffes, maybe a bedroom.  Expect to see friends from Calgary and Red Deer to Spokane to Bitterroot Valley and Boulder, Montana.

Got questions?  Call or text Mike at 1-406-293-1247.

Tours – List of upcoming tours or events

Thanks to Kristen for writing this out. 

Coil Session at Robb's March 17th There will be a demo and then a coil tuning. Starting at 9:00 am

Garage Tour possibly April 7th to Larry Kynoch, Al Millard, Call of West Museum in High River and lunch there.

April 14th Dinosaur Downs Drumheller Swap Meet

April 29th Nifty Fifty’s Spring Thaw – April 29th at Heritage Park.

May 4 & 5 Red Deer Swap Meet

May 26th Innisfail Historical Village

June 2/3 President's Tour and Safety Check maybe around the Turner Valley area.

June 16 - 17 The Hangar Show and Shine

June 23rd Okotoks Ford with Model A's

Later in summer or early fall maybe poker rally around Chestermere

Model T Safety Checks

An overview

Like many other contentious issues the spectrum of opinion with respect to “Collector Car Safety Checks” runs the gamut from “why bother” to “ let’s pay to have them professionally inspected every year”.  Also like other contentious issues the reality is that the best approach lies somewhere between those two extremes with Alberta’s current process which involves the “Provincial Transportation Office”, “the SVAA”, and the various “Specialty Vehicle Clubs”, probably being the most effective arrangement in Canada.  In that regard, the general consensus is that safety is and safety inspections are desirable, and that the various members of specialty vehicle clubs, in our case Model T Fords, are in the best position to do a conscientious job of developing safety check lists for their specific vehicles as well as providing technical guidance to their fellow members as they check their vehicles.

Basically, with the SVAA acting as a common voice on behalf of all of the Collector Car Clubs it represents, the Province allows the various specialty vehicle clubs to both develop their guidelines and conduct safety checks with evidence of active safety check programs flowing from the various clubs through the SVAA to the Province upon request, and with safety stickers being provided to the various clubs via the SVAA.  To date the voice of the SVAA and the evidence provided have held advocates of a more stringent process in abeyance and only the continued success of the overall program can be expected to preclude our current Provincial regime from further regimenting the process.    


Within our Club

The Model T Ford Club of America (MTFCA) maintains a Model T’s ‘Safety Checks Form’ which is available on their website, - - which incidentally our own Chris Brancaccio is the Webmaster of!  This is a credible “Model T Safety Checklist” available for use by Club members on an as required basis.  Additionally as an assist to those members who may desire some technical advice and guidance a “Spring Safety Checks Day” hosted by club member Ted Zylstra in recent years, is organized annually by our club

It should be noted that regardless of who may offer advice and/or guidance, from a liability perspective it is the individual vehicle owner who is responsible for signing the completed safety check form signifying their vehicle has been properly inspected.  Also in this regard, without challenging the car owners it is generally a member of each Club’s Executive Team, often the Club Secretary, who distributes the stickers obtained via the SVAA on the Province's behalf to any Model T owners who have signed the declaration that their vehicle met the safety criteria identified on the checklist.  In reality however, relatively few Model T owners who may conduct inspections are not members of our own Foothills Club.

From a documentation perspective, completed and signed safety checklist forms are to be relayed to the Club designate who in return will provide/return one of the SVAA supplied safety stickers.  This process had resulted in a multitude of Model T’s having been safety checked the documentation of which is accumulated by the Club to occasionally be summarized for the benefit of the SVAA, or to be made available should the Province itself request any documentation.

One last topic worthy of comment relates to the frequency of the safety checks.  Although some members of the collector car community advocate annual checks of all collector cars, the arrangement with the Province does not require that every car be re-checked annually as it is recognized that a majority of them travel somewhat less than one or two hundred miles per year.  At present the guideline available via the SVAA which is designed to reflect the Provincial Government's desire simply reflects that, "upon a change of ownership a new check is required", and that, "a copy of each check sheet is to be retained by each Club for verification purposes".  In general however, besides checking newly purchased vehicles, owners should consider the wear and tear any given vehicle may be exposed to and use good judgment when deciding how often to re-check it.


 Cheers, Ron Rigby