January President's Message


Happy New Year !!

A new year, a new job.  Memo to self: Don’t go out of town and miss an election! But, it was in the cards, and I’m happy to accept the challenge. First and foremost, thanks to Robb Wolff for his term as President and Meeting Chairperson. As well, a thanks to the rest of the executive for their past and future duties. Chris has passed on the baton to Robb to keep us informed and enlightened now. Thanks Chris for your years as Editor (Robb has more about his new adventure in this newsletter).

2016 is going to be a good year, with safety checks, tours and I suspect, plenty of Ice Cream! Our challenge is going to be to keep you all on your toes in anticipation, contributing and participating in our tours and outings.

We will shortly be in the planning stages of the President’s Tour, (Late May), Safety Check (a day later),

and other events over the summer. I recently saw an older Model T Statement, modernized. -  “ It’s Not Leaking Oil . .  it’s Sweating Power”. The power is in the hands of all who can contribute to make this a year to remember, let’s join together.  I look forward to hearing any suggestions and thoughts that will enhance our joy of Model T’ing this year.