Minutes of the Foothills Model T Ford Club Meeting

Minutes of the Foothills Model T Ford Club Meeting
September 28th, 2016 - Aerospace Museum

President Ross Benedict called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. 27 members attended. 

Minutes – Kristen moved the minutes be adopted, as circulated, seconded by Robb Wolff.  Carried.

Correspondence –
1.    Letter from the Cochrane Activettes thanking for the past donation and asking for continued support.
2.    SVAA Magazine. 

Treasurer’s Report – Larry presented the finances for June – August and moved finance statements be adopted, seconded by Tom Cerkvenac. Carried. 

Membership –Eileen reported that we now have 92 paid members and 16 paid for 2017. Name tags can be ordered through Art and Eileen for $5.00.

Newsletter – Robb Wolff reported that newsletter is available online, but that the printed copies were not quite ready for pickup and so were still at Staples.

Tools – Glen McDonald informed everyone all tools are accounted for. Robb reported that the piloting reamer for spindle bolts is worn out and will probably be around $100.00 US to replace. Robb moved that we order a new one from Lang’s and have it shipped to Robb’s address at Babb. Seconded by Les. Carried.

Cost to use the Stevens Reaming Tools and inserts is around $50.00 Robb thought. Kristen will check from past minutes and report back. 

National Directors – Keith had nothing new to report.

Dino T Tour – Keith reported that it was a great tour, even though we had many different cars on the trouble trailer over the weekend. Keith and Ross also mentioned that a number of people ran out of gas along the way.

Librarian’s Report – Jonathan has finished going through the collection of Vintage Ford’s he received from Aase Bauer. We have complete set from 1986 to date and are missing only seven issues from 1971 until mid-1986. He found when sorting through all the materials two copies of the same book. One copy will be used in the 50/50 draw. Jonathan also brought along a magazine with an article about Bantam’s from 1941.

Directors Report – no report

Fall Colour Tour - It was good tour day, but was a little cool. The group left from Keith’s and missed a shower that went through Bragg Creek, just before they did. Drove out to the Elbow Falls and the sun came out. There were seven T’s and Manny came in his Model A.  

Old Business- RMMT Club in Montana, held a tour recently and Glen was able to attend. He said it was a good tour with lots of steep climbs, and was all gravel. They travelled about 125 miles per day. The last day they had rain but he said was very enjoyable. One of the highlights for Glen was to see gold / silver dredging equipment left on the side of a mountain.

New Business – Tom Cerkvenac reported that the New Zealand Model T club has formed an international club and wondered if we should be also. You would need a minimum of five members to do so. There are probably that many members in our club already. This item was tabled at this time. New Zealand club is having a tour next year and Tom is planning to attend. 

The National Tour out of Montana next summer is expected to have 600 or more cars.

Harry suggested we have another fun day with driver training and Model T games at his and Rosalie’s place yet this fall if the weather permits.  It may be a spur of the moment type event, so watch for an email if we have good weather.

The Christmas Party will be on December 10th at the Chaplehow Legion again this year. Tickets will have to be pre purchased again this year so we have an accurate head count for the meal. The meal will be the same as last year. – Turkey and all the trimmings. Eileen will have more information at the October meeting.

Les Schubert won the 50-50 and Rod Wallace won the book.

Tech talk – was about 5 different types of Model T heads.

Thanks to Larry for picking up the donuts.