Canadian Serial Numbers

Fred Holt from Medicine Hat sent this note to me asking about an unusual engine number (serial number). 

Hello Rob, I hope all is well. I have a question for you and it is regarding a TT truck chassis I purchased with engine number of SC652037 stamped on the block. Any idea what is going on here, it has the two casted holes at the rear of the block for the new style hogs head. All the numbers and letters match in size and style and seem to have been stamped at the same time. I cannot find any info on serial numbers starting with SC. It is casted with the made in Canadaon it.

My response.

That is indeed an unusual number. It is consistent with a 1926 Canadian engine.  Here is what I found on page 539, of “Model T Ford” by Bruce Mccauley. He mentions that normally the letter C was in front of the Canadian engine serial number. But he also mentions that “HC” and “SC” have been noted. Could the H or S refer to a block designated for a commercial application?
You can find a list of Canadian Serial numbers here: