President Ross Benedict called meeting to order at 7:35pm. There were 31 members in attendance. Gord Schubert was our guest for the evening. Ross asked we hold a silent moment of reflection in honour of Horace Bauer.

Minutes:  Kristen AndersonThe minutes of the November meeting were distributed by email and Bill Price moved they be adopted as presented. There were no errors or omissions noted, seconded by Robb Wolff. Carried.

At the November Meeting, election was held for the 2016 Executive, at that time the Director’s positions were vacant. Moved by Robb Wolff that Jackie Bent, Tom Cerkvenac and Bob Hauswirth be elected as Directors. Seconded by Lawrence Gould. Carried.

Treasurers Report:  Ross Benedict / Larry Kynoch  – Ross & Larry presented the November / December reports, and moved the reports be adopted as presented. Seconded by Peter Anderson. Carried.

Robb Wolff moved that the Foothills Model T Forb Club books for the 2015 year be audited by R. Winkelaar. Seconded by Art Jewell. Carried.

Art reported that the Christmas Party, at the Chaplehow Legion was a success. 48 attended the party which was good, as we have had declining attendance for a number of years with the pot luck. Profit of $105.00 from what we budgeted as the Legion reduced our room rental by $150.00, as an enticement for us to come back. Art Jewell moved we make a donation to the Legion / Veterans Food Bank of $200.00. Seconded by Tim Pearson. Discussion which food bank will funds go to. Confirmed the funds will go to the Veterans Food Bank. Carried.

The Legion has been tentativily booked for December 10th, 2016 for this years party. Moved by Art Jewell that we hold the FMTFC Christmas Party at the Chapelhow Legion. Seconded by Art Bent. Discussion of a different date as that date doesn’t work for all. Maybe Friday evening instead. We can look into that for future, the above was the only December date available. Carried.

Larry Kynoch moves to pay SVAA membership and insurance in the amount of $970.00 (92 members) for 2016. Al Riise seconded. No discussion, at the vote Harry and Les were opposed. Carried.

Larry then reported on the license plate topper. He returned with Peter’s design for club to look at. It will need to be further refined. Les said that we could also print right the design right to metal. (Big Print Signs). Many thought we should stay away from an actual T, as which model do you choose. More information to come.

 Membership: Eileen Jewell Eileen reported that we have 51 paid memberships for 2016, and Eileen reported that she will be accepting payment.

Editor’s Report:  Robb Wolff – Robb reported that the link for the Footnotes is www.foothills-t.club. Robb gave a tutorial on the using the site. Once on the site click the three little bars on the right hand corner to get you to the newsletter, blog, forum, events, classifieds, links and about. Robb will ask Chris to add a link from the FMTFC website to this new site. He also requested members send him articles for future use. Feedback from users was perhaps addition of links to MTFCA and SVAA sites and maybe others of T interest. 

Robb reported that printing copies of the newsletters is becoming very costly. Costs per year of printing in color are close to $2700.00. $70.00 per member that receives a printed copy. Membership fees are only $35.00 per year. 75% of club is subsidizing the rest. So the discussion was held on how to best handle this issue.

Suggestions including producing printed copies only in black and white, reducing size,finding a sponsor to share costs, addition of more advertising, inquiring if those that receive paper still wish that format, and a 2 tier membership fee for those who wish a printed copy over the electronic version. This cannot be implemented until next year as many have already paid 2016 memberships.

Motion by Tim Pearson that from this point forward printed copies be produced in black and white only. Seconded by Peter Anderson. Carried

Tool Curators Report: Glen McDonald – All tools accounted for. Glen emailed Kristen an updated list of the tools to add to the minutes.

Librarian’s Report: Jonathan Watson – Kristen gave him most current Vintage Ford for the library and Ross has a bankers box of Treasurer records to add to the library collection for archival purposes.


  • May 28thPresidents Tour

  • May 29th Safety Check at Braeside Automotive

  • June 4th Okotoks Ford would like to have a picnic and display the cars.

  • July 1st Heritage Park

  • August – Pioneer Acres and perhaps a show and shine at a seniors centre.

Winner of the50/50 draw, Shirley Watt and Model T plaque was won by Bill Price.

Thanks to Larry Kynoch for picking up the donuts.

Adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Show and Tell: Detroit Tour slide show by Lawrence, Tom, and Harry. Show was complied by Lawrence.