President's Message

Hi, February seems to be the ‘Dog Days’ of winter. The ground hog says we are only a few weeks away from spring. Let’s hope so!!  I suspect, like many of you, I’ve started to work on way too many projects this winter and need to concentrate on fewer. I’ve been re-building a set of 13-14 Brass top coils that I hope to have all polished up and working for this season.  . . . . . I trust all who went, enjoyed the Lethbridge Swap Meet. Rumours of Harry Lillo’s ‘finds’ are historical. How does he do it?? . . . . . . I want to thank the added Directors who came forward, or were coerced into serving our club this year. Jackie Bent, Tom Cerkvenac and Bob Hauswirth were accepted at our January meeting with open arms. . . . . . . Stay tuned for requests for senior’s home visits, and a Heritage Park request for their July 1 parade.

My spring ‘honey-do-list’ included purging “that stuff” in the basement. .  Oh Oh.  . “Not the T Stuff!!”   . . . . . . . “Whew”,  . . it’s “just all that other stuff”. So,  . . does anyone know a stamp collector, a coin expert, and an inexpensive antique appraiser. I suspect that most of what I have just needs to be donated to the local thrift store, but, maybe, just maybe, there is ‘gold’ in them there cartons. . .

With the US dollar, it would appear that most Canadians will be staying in Canada this year. We’ll try to fill that void with activities and tours for all to enjoy. Bring your ideas, and volunteer to help make it a great year locally.

And . .  let’s continue working on that “T”, so you’re ready for a Safe an enjoyable season.