Minutes of the Foothills Model T Ford Club Meeting February 24th, 2016 at the Aerospace Museum

President Ross Benedict called meeting to order at 7:35pm. There were 30 members in attendance.

Guests were Gord Schubert and Wally Ryrie –Wally has two 1927 Coupes

Minutes - Robb Moved minutes be approved as printed in the Newsletter, 2nd by Art Jewell, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report - Larry Kynoch presented the finances and moved that the finance statement be adopted, 2nd Bill Price – carried. Ross noted that the Jubilee Tour accounting is now complete and the balance of $103.02 CDN has been transferred from the “Tour” account to the “Club” account. Harry Lillo moved that the Tour account be closed and the books be audited.  Seconded by Art Jewell. Carried.

Membership – Eileen Jewell reported that we now have 66 paid members. The final payment date for dues is March 31.  Membership dues are $35. Make your cheque payable to The Foothills Model T Ford Club. Cheques can be sent to Eileen Jewell, 2728 – 18th Street NW, Calgary T3M 3T8

Newsletter – Robb Wolff asked if everyone with Internet access was able to read the newsletter online. They were.  Al Riise – wondered if it was necessary to publish birthdays – it was decided to leave them in the newsletter. It was also decided not to include the membership applications in the printed newsletter in order to save space.

Les Schubert asked when a roster would be published. It was decided that even though it was a work-in-progress it would be sent by email right away.

Tools – Glen McDonald informed everyone that Roy Fulton donated his boring bar to the club and all tools are accounted for.

Directors Report – Jackie Bent, gave a report on the SVAA meeting held in Lethbridge.

There is a new magazine - 54 clubs, 888 members – clubs can register online starting Feb 15. Finances are in the black. We received stickers for safety check. BC transport is reviewing regulations including those for fender less cars. The association is looking to secure one insurance policy for provincial and national associations. Harry Bullock is stepping down as president the end of May.

Robb will add the SVAA link to the www.foothills-t.club website.


May 28, Presidents Tour, Iron Horse Museum will open for us. May 29th Safety Check at Braeside Tire.

June 4th, Okotoks Ford Show and Shine

July 22-25 Summer Tour being planned by Keith Robinson, Roy Fulton and Bruce Brander. It will be in the Drumheller area. Les Schubert mentioned the Horseless Carriage Club is planning a tour in that areas as well. Maybe we can get together.

Harry – is working on a camping Tour in September

Les Schubert volunteered to plan the Fall Colours Tour.

Tom van Dijk and Rod Wallace are planning a garage tour in April.

The April Meeting will be moved to another location. Possible locations Woodridge Ford or Braeside Automotive

Rod Wallace – talked about astorage facility north of Cochrane.  The owner floated the idea of using it for a clubhouse.

Larry Kynoch spoke about the license plate topper. It will not fit on top of most rear license plates and most cars don't have a front plate. Harry suggested something like the Calgary Brewing plaque sold for bicycles. It could be attached to one license plate bolt. Les has a proper Canadian front licence plate bracket, which could be used as a pattern to make brackets for club members - 26-27 cars only. Contact Les if you are interested.

Jackie Bent reported about show and shines at senior’s homes. She has possibilities in May and June on Thursday afternoons. Trinity Lodge on Glenmore Traill and Amica at Aspen Woods. Club felt 2 shows would be fine for summer. Art said there is also one that Boyd puts on for Stub in mid-September.

Jackie Bent won the 50-50 and turned the money back to the club.

Show and Tell – Harry Lillo brought a number of interesting and rare aftermarket taillights.

Thanks to Larry Kynoch for picking up the donuts.