Ya Ha Tinda Ranch - 100 years old


Plans are underway  to have a discussion of the Ya ha Tinda ranch at our next Model T meeting January 24/18.  I will be giving a short presentation of the ranch, its history, horses, and the 100 year celebration held at the ranch last September.  There will be a number of Park Warden slides of a backcountry trip from Jasper to Banff made a number of years ago, which will show some scenic remote locations travelled along on this three week journey.

Ross and I decided to try something different this month that has nothing to do with Model T 's, except for perhaps reference to the ol' "Bennett Buggies' from the past.     I have also attached an article and video link on the unique and special horses trained at the ranch. 

Magazine Article

Film on Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

Written Article Ya Ha Tinda Ranch  

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Rod Wallace