A Ford Truck versus A Mattress

A Ford Truck And A Mattress

A Mattress caught on the undercarriage of her Ford truck.

The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to tear a hole in the fuel tank.  The Subsequent Lack Of Fuel Is What Finally Brought Her Vehicle To Its Knees.

She Had Still Managed To Drive 30 More Miles With A 60-Pound Tangle of Stuff Wrapped Around Her Drive Shaft.

She Had it Towed To Her Ford Dealership And Complained That The Vehicle Had A "Sort Of Shimmy" When She Was Driving At High Speeds.

Below Are The Photos Of What They Found At Her Ford Dealership.

"Sort Of A Shimmy" -- I'll Bet It Did 

 The Ford Mechanics Still Can't Believe Their Eyes,

And Still Wondering How To Remove It.

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