The Best Tour by a Damsite

Our "Late-summer" Tour will be held either the last week of August or first week in September (to be decided at the April Club meeting). The tour will "hub" out of a beautiful 8,000 sq ft lodge in Glenwood Alberta. There will be three days of touring starting on the day we arrive at the lodge. Breakfast will be served at the lodge and depending on the dates chosen we will enjoy an evening at the Great Canadian Barn Dance, a catered meal at the Lodge and a BBQ at The Meadows. More detailed plans will unfold over the course of the next couple of months. If we fill The Lodge the cost of accommodation will be very reasonable.

The tours outlined below are just drafts of our plans and will be refined over the coming months so come back often for updates. 


On our way to Waterton we plan to stop in Hillspring for a long arm quilting demonstration, a tour of the Demes Stained Glass Studio and perhaps even a tour of an interesting junk collection and a Hutterite Colony. Our destination will be Red Rock Canyon.  On the way home we will cross over the Waterton Dam.

That evening we will enjoy a catered banquet back in Glenwood at The Lodge.

Waterton Tour


This is the tour we take on the day of arrival.  After unloading our Ts and picking our rooms, we will enjoy a light lunch at The Lodge. We will then travel to Cardston by way or the St. Mary Dam for a tour of the Remington Carriage Centre.  On the way back we will travel through Beazer and on to Mountain View for an ice cream stop. From Mountain View we will return to The Lodge via Hillspring.  After settling in and cleaning up at The Lodge we will take a 10 minute T tour to "The Meadows" for a corn roast and BBQ.

Here is a tentative map of the tour. This may be refined over the course of the summer.

Cardston Tour

The Lodge

The Lodge is a private residence built and owned by the Prince family.  It has 13 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own theme and is maintained by one of the Prince children. The logs were cut near the base of Chief Mountain. It is now a recreational property used by family members and a few friends and relatives (Marge Wolff is a relative).

There is plenty of space to park car trailers, and RVs for those who prefer their own accommodations. In fact if the tour is over-subscribed some RVs will be a must.