March News Letter - President’s ramblings.

Ok, did any of you find a 1943 all COPPER PENNY?? .  .  .  How many even looked??

 * A big thanks to Harry Lillo for his Show ‘N Tell on aftermarket stop lights and signals at our February 24th meeting.

*Art Bent has the 5 requested T’s for Heritage Park for July 1, Jackie and Art Bent have arranged the two retirement home visits (including BBQ’s) for June and July .  . . . . More info to follow.

* A big thank you to Eileen Jewell for contacting and explaining our costs of mailing newsletter vs. on line access. Thank you to all who have decided to look on line now, as costs are becoming an issue, and a possible increase of dues for those requiring mail delivery of our newsletter may be a necessity.

* Since our last meeting, planning is underway for the DINO T Tour II  - July 22 to 25th. Keith Robinson, Roy Fulton, Bruce Brander and Art Bent are working hard to have the tour an awesome success. Registration forms will be available at the March meeting. Book your hotel / camp ground early as space is limited. Be sure to mention Dino Model T Tour II

* Also, a reminder the April meeting will be in South Calgary, at Woodridge Ford. Mark you calendar!!

 And . .  let’s continue working on that “T”, so you’re ready for a Safe and enjoyable season.